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An asshole who I would love to have jump off a cliff :)
Your a Cameron!!
by ambiecutie123 December 19, 2010
guy who drives a camaro and hits random objects
Did you see that cameron he totally just hit that stump
by sly1999229929292 July 18, 2009
A male human being that idolises the Code of Bros without scrutiny or lenience. However, Camerons often struggle to fully study the Bro Code seeing as their gargantuan testes often protrude into his line of vison, which wasn't fantastic in the first place, note the 4 inch spectacles. A Cameron often fing it a little struggle to 'get with' a female human being due to his strict following Bro Code e.g not calling within 3 days of a meeting. Camerons often get with animals to compensate for lack of female company. A Cameron often finds trouble coming up with something that isn't completely bullshit or relevant in any sense and often quotes at innapropriate times. A Cameron finds joy in the littlest things for example a lit candle or a tumbleweed, but tumbleweeds often blow past A Cameron with an abundnce of insults mainly due to A Camerons appearance or dress code.
Cameron Johnston
by Angus James Bartholemew December 15, 2009
DEFINITION 1:The name given to a male who is very unattractive, yet very cocky. Commonly given to african-american males with champanze-like qualities. Cameron's tend to be very unintellegent and very unappealing to women, yet they tend to think they are very smart and that every girl wants them.

DEFINITON 2:A crooked, aftrican- american penis.
He must look like a monkey if he's a cameron!
by mollyhaaaaaaaaaay123456789 October 17, 2010
A short guy with blue eyes with a mop hair and a high voice who looks like Justin Bieber.
Person 1: Wow it's Justin Bieber
Person 2: No wait it's just Cameron
by John Cliche May 12, 2010
The third-string fat guy on your highschool football team.
"I feel bad for that dude thats making the bench sink into the the ground. He's sweating all over the place and barely moved. Poor guy... He's a Cameron."
by stupidpeoplehaters May 04, 2010
Cameron is most often defined as a limp wristed, pillow biting, ass pirate. Usually found cruising the bathrooms of the campus, hoping to find a strange and hopefully uncircumcised dick to smoke due to the fact that his sphincter no longer works which causes him to wear diapers that make having anonymous anal sex rather dificult. He is rumored to have swallowed more loads of salty semen than his mother has. Hard to believe but true.
Dude, did you see that jizz juggler Cameron will grow up to be a closeted HOMO faggot in the last stall tapping his foot, trying to entice the fat jock drop out frat boys into letting them tickle his tonsils ??
by momma's little boy grown up February 08, 2010