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A very funny, sweet, intelligent guy. Very unique and defiantly one of a kind, just like his name. He'll make a girl feel amazing and like she's the only thing that matters. His sense of style could use a bit of work. He's a bit bull headed when it comes to trying to convince him on changing his mind, but he knows what he wants. He loves like no other and can be easily loved back.
That Camen boy over there, he's a really cool guy.
by dreamforevergirl August 19, 2011
pronounced like "come on" but more sarcastically and dramatically "ca'mAAAAn.."
didn't know i run this town? caman now!
by DjTinaG!! December 10, 2010
The act of being lame, gay, or all of the above. Typically seen in young men with rather large hair.
I saw a caman the other day, he was humping another man.
by Johns John December 15, 2007
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