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Someone or something used to hide your girlfriends camel toe.
My girlfriends shorts were so tight that I had to walk in front of her as camelflage.
by BS Roth September 11, 2008
9 2
Camelflage (TM) is a trademarked name by Camelflage, LLC. Camelflage (TM) describes a unique patent pending comfortable panty for women that is specifically designed to hide the unsightly “cameltoe” appearance under clothing.
You can't see the outline of my vaginal lips in these tight shorts because I'm wearing a Camelflage (TM) panty.
by Hazzz187 November 19, 2009
5 4
The act of wearing a long shirt to cover up pants or leggings that are just a little too tight down there.
Is that bad fashion sense, or just camelflage?
by socidog June 20, 2012
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