Smooth flavor, better than Marlboros, less harsh, has a nice mellow flavor, definitely one of my favorite cigarettes
Fucking 7-11 Doesn't sell Camel Turkish Golds! Fuckers!
by Elixir March 02, 2005
Top Definition
The best cigarette in the world. Combining smoothness and rich flavor, it makes for the best ever devised by R.J. Renyolds tobbaco co. If these are the best American cigarettes, then I must be crazy.
Turkish golds rule. Possibly the best cig in the world.
by Adam B January 18, 2005
worst cigarettes ever for me,,
tastes like piss/rotten fish..
if you like the sour taste,, maybe,,
i'm seriously regretting that i bought this pack
yo u wanna drink piss?
nah, i'd rather smoke camel turkish golds!
#cigarettes #camels #camel turkish gold #camel turkish golds #camel
by jay h. October 31, 2007
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