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An act performed during anal sex. Not to be confused with a 'donkey punch', which is its more civilsed cousin. Whilst relatives, they digress on an important point: whilst an experienced 'donkey punch' practionner will simply hit his girlfriend/boyfriend/sister in the back of the head, before continuing the anal as per usual (albeit with a heightened sense of pleasure), a 'camal punch' involves the continued kicking of the partner in the head after the initial strike, until the partner is, in fact, dead.

Commonly practiced by stella drinkers, Millwall supporters, and members of the Royal Family.
Cell-mate 1: what are you in for?
Practionner: Camel punch
Cell-mate 1: cool
by BenRG17 May 23, 2009
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Well, first off everyone else has commonly confused this term with the infamous "Donkey Punch." With that said, the Camel Punch is a two-part sexual act based on the famous scene from Conan the Barbarian. During the act of intercourse, the woman, either in an act of rage or ecstasy, spits on the face of the man. At which time, the man, irritated, pulls out and punches the woman in the camel toe. With luck, a good queef is exhibited, and sex continues on its merry way.
"Wow, last night I had a crazy night of sex with Sheri. She spat in my face so I just hadda lay into her with a good old Camel Punch.#
by ConanTheBarbarian November 02, 2007
A sexual act, performed during anal sex, where just before climax the male punches the female in the back of the head. This increases the stimulation for both parties. This is a synonym used predominantly in Wiltshire for the term 'donkey punch'
"From the look of that lump on the back of her head, I'd say she was camel punched."
by Sir Christoph October 17, 2006
when a girl is getting it up the ass and the guy giving it to her punches her in the back of the head so that her nerves tighten up squeezing on his penis.
"My boyfriend punched me in the back of the head. It hurt really bad and he came everywhere.""haha you got camel punched!"
by EmRams October 17, 2006

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