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4 definitions by amandasue0186

When you purposely lean backwards in a chair and release a good size fart through the front, Generally directed towards an un-suspecting victim.
Erica- *laughs evily* "baarrrrump"
Casey- " Ahhh, why did you let it roll out front style?"
by Amandasue0186 June 20, 2010
A yard that is almost completly filled with canine feces. Almost like a collection.
Stephanie- "Fuck, I stepped in shit!"
Jeremy- " Steph, you really need to start watching where you walk outside."
Amanda- " Yea, cus its nothing but Turd Festivals out there!"
by Amandasue0186 June 20, 2010
This is basically the act of forming your index and middle finger in a hook like motion resembleing a camel toe. Then you forcefully drive your knuckles into a un-willing victom.. pinch your fingers together and twist the skin.
Amanda- "you better watch yourself"
John- "or what?"
Amanda- "'l'll Camel Toe Punch the shit out of you"
by amandasue0186 May 30, 2010
Ya Know

(A word that means everything! Pretty much as verstile as FUCK!")
Hank- "Hey, my stomach fucking hurts"
Tevin- "Ashabalameewah!"
Hank- "What?!?"
Tevin- " Ya know!"

Stacey- "I hate how fat I am!"
Karen- "Ugh.... Ashabalameewah"
Stacey- "Are you calling me fat?"
Karen- "Well Ya know!"
by Amandasue0186 March 10, 2010