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Technician slang for calipers, a tool for measuring precise thicknesses or widths
Hey, John, can I borrow your callies? I need to know if this nut is a 4mm or a 5mm.
by mrrs October 15, 2011
11 84
To act in a stalkerish manner, usually confined to the internet, with the intent to use the information gained for petty vengence
She upset him so now he's gone all cally
by Scally5 November 05, 2008
187 108
Gorgeous angel and I love him
"I'm with Cally yay!"
by Axl Rose November 06, 2004
108 115
A beautiful angel who enjoys pleasing other people but who makes their beloved truly happy. One to treasure for life, never let your Cally go.
I'm with a Cally <3
by MadAl May 05, 2011
111 169
she is the most beautiful, unique , most intellectual individual you will ever meet. Has a smoking hot body, amazing personality, and is very good in bed.
Man, i hooked up with this girl last night, deffinately a Cally!
by someone12435643 February 20, 2012
47 142