A silly video game played by teenage and adult men. This game is addicting for two reasons. One: To stop men from having a life. Two: A punishment from God to make sure men never have sex.
Playing Call Of Duty or COD may cause you to end up with the nick name of the "Forty Year Old Virgin"
I dont' suggest playing this game. You'll go no where in life.
Call of duty is beast man.
Only if you never wanna get some!
by Moooomooo March 27, 2010
A game that will keep every single boy you know on XBox Live until 3AM. Apparently, it's badass.
MCpwns: bow chicka bow wow!
J3hechanova: bow chicka bow wow!
dilman15: call of duty! zOMG.
by sharptooth December 31, 2007
A mediocre game for Noobs who wouldn't know a REAL gaming experience if it was jammed up their ass, them taken out and slapped firmly across their head. Everything Cod does has been done before and BETTER. want a real game? try HL2, or Crysis, or Halo, or even TF2.
Call of Duty fanboy: I played CoD all night last night, and I unlocked fmj shotguns.
Gamer:*looks over at him* fuck you, Noob.
by LordXeras November 12, 2010
a practice which involves sucking out your own eyes and losing all your friends simotaniously
-"hey bob get the new call of duty game?"

-"im not your friend anymore."
by greg dugan April 26, 2010
person 1: i just got call of duty! it kicks ass!

person 2: Tell that to The Legend of Zelda, which has won game of the year at least 3 times, and takes more than a week to beat.

person 1: herp a derp de derp
by the smart part of the world December 23, 2010
When many people, usually in school, reenact the popular game series Call of Duty with imaginary guns, grenades, and kill streaks.(Often used to annoy teachers).
(John crawling under a desk)
John: Headshot!
(Timmy jumps over a desk and falls)
Timmy: Riotshield!
John: Stemtex!
John: Double Kill!
(Runs over to the corner)
John: One more kill and I can get a Harrier Airstrike.
Timmy: Tactical Nuke Inbound!
(Teacher comes in)
Teacher: What are you doing?
Timmy: Playing Call of Duty!
by Crazyc131 March 23, 2010
a series of first person shooters that used be good. since modern warfare 2 it's nothing more then 8year olds screaming, camping, noobtubing, quickscoping, no-scoping, randomly running around knifing, and other acts that will surely get one killed, most likely "accidentally" shot by their own squad, during WWIII. Still, the campaign/offline multiplayer is rather good.
Do not ever buy call of duty for your 8year old son/brother!
by redharvest September 18, 2011

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