when a girl plays call of duty on xbox live and makes sex noises over the microphone
Girl: charrrrlieeee, wanna play call of booty?

Boy: of course!
by satan_lubber69696 April 29, 2010
Top Definition
Obligatorily having to take a break from CoD to satisfy your woman.
"Sorry fellas; the wench needs some schlong. It's the Call of Booty-gotta go"
by Hank McDizzleson May 21, 2010
A play on words for cosplay with sexual activity based on the Call of Duty games. Partners act out and verbalize sexual activities with CoD vocabulary like tactical insertion, finishing moves, going prone, and kills from behind.
Yo Ben; I called up gamer girl and we played Call of Booty last night, that's one kinky bitch. Plus she had my finish on her chest then punched me in the balls for a last stand crouch shot.
by Cosplay CoD December 16, 2009
The act of rapidly crouching and standing back up on a dead man's anus in Call of Duty.
Man, I could totally put this on video and make a porno called 'Call of Booty'!
by hoadou812,THE RULAA August 08, 2011
Guilt sex. Obligatory sex. When you have sex with someone because you "owe" them.
Even though Scarlett was not in love with Thurston she continued the relationship because it fulfilled her gold digging material need as he showered her with gifts and travel to exotic destinations.
Holly asked, "Ya still given it up for that Thurston?"
Scarlett replied, "Yep. I have to. All the money that man spends on me. Girl, it's my call of booty!"
by GiddyUpGirlFL December 14, 2009
When a guy is playing Call of Duty and he (or the girl) arranges for them to hang out due to the need to relieve one. She comes over and gives him head while he plays COD (even better if on headset).
Oh shit K! She texted me last night, in the mood, and came over for Call of Booty! Best experience ever.
by cstarlovesu May 05, 2010
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