americanization, superficiality, injecting hollywood into the world, into anything, more profit at cost of everything.

selling your soul to the devil seems good in the short run, short run is good enough.

strong male ideals perverted together with political correctness.

the ability of showing a whore (whenever) but inability to say the name (untill late on night).
man the food business here is so wasted after that POS mcdonalds californicated it.
by pxy abyss May 22, 2004
Top Definition
Western society's pop culture and media encroachment and spread all over the world. In particular, the negative aspects of media and culture originating from within the United States' 31st State: California.
Ex. "Whats up with the californication in Germany today?"
by Paul D. November 13, 2003
The spread and influence of western memes and culture, esp. that of California, across the world. Especially focusing on the selling of sex. Made of the words "California" and "fornication"
Californication is the number one cause corrupting eastern religion
by Travis K. December 08, 2004
The process by which the American television and film industry, for the most part based in California, spreads their own highly sexualized, consumer driven, version of American culture that heavily emphasizes sex, violence, celebrity, and youth as both virtues to be extolled and goals to be achieved. Ignoring and often doing everything in their power to blur, if not erase, the dividing line between the fantasy of the cinemas world view and reality. This process has become pandemic with the proliferation of reality television wherein a person can achieve "Californication" without possessing any real talent but rather just the ability to make a fool of themselves on a world wide stage (See: Snookie)
The sudden popularity of this actress is merely a case of "Californication".
by Cmans November 21, 2011
1. The idoling of the movie industry in California, in part. Hollywood.
2. Sexual royalties to become a part of the movie industry.
"Californication" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
by Im DaBuz January 04, 2004
1.) The influence of the California lifestyle on other states. When Californians move to other states like Oregon, and Nevada, and try to live, speak and act like they are still in California. (originated from the Hot Chili Peppers' album).

2.) When a Californian, sleeps with someone from another state to whom they are not married.
Don't try to commit Californication in Nevada, we like our state as it is, don't bring your California life here.
by Bokuba March 26, 2007
What is rapidly occuring specifically in the state of Oregon, particularly in regards to housing. Californians who move up here and drive mortages and rents up to beyond what most members of the "creative class" can afford. In doing so, the very people who have made Oregon unique (especially in the Western corridor, including Eugene and Portland), are driven out, and that which draws people here (uniqueness, creativity, progressive thought) is being eroded.
Hawthorne used to be cool, before it succumbed to Californication.
by Sophie Osborn April 14, 2007
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