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A tattoo found on the small of a woman's back. Most commonly found among women in California, hence the name. Also known as bitch tat. It is often speculated that women with such tattoos may be undersexed nymphomaniacs or flat-out sluts.
Yo, I can see that chick's California license plate sticking out from her low-rise jeans
by M.C. Shithead April 22, 2005
Also known in California as a tramp stamp. Or target as to where a man would shoot his load.
Damn that bitches tramp stamp is awesome. or Look at the target on her. also known as a california license plate
by TOUC September 05, 2009
what U get from DMV once U pay: money, get smog check, insurance, + kiss caleefornia govenator ass tax!!!
Yo dude my car won't pass smog test! what I do?? I know I look for California license plate with next year tag!!

3 out 4 amigos drive in LA without insurance, we don't need no stinking insurance we don't need to show our license we are mexican jaybanos u no mountian police....
by itichie_nocanpo August 30, 2006

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