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1. The act of shitting on the floor in a public place, even though there is a toilet around.
Sam: Man, there's nothing to do..

Jimbo: Dude, lets go do a California Drop!

Sam: Hell yeah!
by pana22sonic January 13, 2009
When during porn, it is impossible to get a doggystyle shot without the guys balls blocking the view. Solved by letting the girl hold the camera. It is not mentioned, but universally known, that the California Drop Problem has vexed porn producers and watchers for years.

Along with hearing someone walk in the door, or thinking you did (see "False Alarm"), the California Drop is a leading cause of prematurely ended porn watching sessions, sometimes resulting to frantic, E.R.-like attempts to resuscitate one's erection.

During these times, it is admissible to either:
A) Get up and wash hands, thereby terminating the session in defeat
B)Fast forward, or rewind, to missionary position
When the California Drop strikes:

"Hey, this is a pretty darn good porn video"
*Camera angle switches*
"Dude, no....."
*Rewinds to missionary position*
by Dsky171 December 09, 2010
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