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Person who thinks they are better than others and loves video games. Can be known as a geek/nerd. Quite a handsome looking person with flaws. Everything they say is fact.
Omg, you are being like a smartass! You are being so calem!
by BoysANDgirls17 October 27, 2009
Calem is a pretty awesome guy with an awesome name. He is funny and smart and a great person to spend time with. He needs to be more emotional but you still know he cares even if he can't say it. If you have a calem you are a lukcy girl.
Person 1: hey I'm with a calem
Person 2: wow girl you're lucky
by beeeellllllaaaaa October 22, 2015
The biggest nerd in town. The kid loves himself, is amazing at video games, Is brilliant at HTML codes. Not to mention, he is one hot thing too.
'what is up with you today? You can't stop checking yourself out!'

'sorry, Im just pulling a Calem'
by Youhotmofo December 29, 2011
A very skuxx and handsome looking fellow with minor flaws. Loves spiderman and playing video games. Over in love with himself and has an extremely large penis.
"I wish I was as skuxx as Calem"

"Yeah, me too"

skuxx handsome minor flaws video games
by dadeadpool2012 April 26, 2013

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