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(pronounced "ka - lay - jeh - row") A crazy guy who likes to get wild whether it be on the dance floor or in bed. He loves to caress and give soft, slow kisses but the potential lover must have plenty of reserved energy because he is a dynamite in bed. Calegero is interested in winning, whoever or whatever the challenge. A fight, a race, a bit of physical or verbal sparring, or an opportunity to do things in new ways are the sparks of his engine.

Calegero is lean, they have strong bodies and may even be quite athletic. He is usually concerned to project a physical image of success. Calegero likes to win and generally do his very best to look the part. Appearance is important to him.

Calegero is a great leader, energetic, helps others to achieve their dreams, accepts challenges, believes the best of others, takes risks for others, defends the vulnerable, will give life for the loved one, continues action even if others give up.
Is that Calegero? I'd love to meet him. He is sexy!


Calegero gives me the butterflies when I hear him talk.


Calegero turned me on when he wrapped his strong arms around me.


Where did Calegero go? Is Calegero here yet?
by gkhan_USA March 20, 2010
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