Defined as an all rounder person; funny, bubbly, caring and very pretty. They are always up for a laugh and have a naughty side and girl who is awkwardly cute ,strange, fun to be around . she makes you laugh and keeps you happy and around.
Tom: oooh that girl is so sweet
Alijahno: OHHHH she must be a calais
by juneieb April 01, 2013
Top Definition
The luxury version of certain holdens (usually commodore) full options.
"wow thats nice interior" "are your windows electric?"
"listen dickhead, this is a 'Calais' everything is electric and fully weapon."
by DJ-Y-Try February 18, 2010
The most amazingly random person you could ever meet. A Calai is a rare breed of human that has sick dancing skills and has an affinity for screaming random cat related phrases when put in to large crowds.
hey dude! LOOK! its a Calai!
by crazycatlady120 November 13, 2010
A Calais is someone who is funny, nice, and friendly. she's always down for a good time and is never a bore. She is usually thin with beautiful long legs. always smiling and laughing never shows pain, and she loves to help out other people. great gf material will treat you like royalty and good at making sandwiches. a Calais is so gorgeous
Lewis: what's that girls name bro ?
Kane: bro that's Calais, she look good right
by unicow September 20, 2014
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