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Defined as an all rounder person; funny, bubbly, caring and very pretty. They are always up for a laugh and have a naughty side and girl who is awkwardly cute ,strange, fun to be around . she makes you laugh and keeps you happy and around.
Tom: oooh that girl is so sweet
Alijahno: OHHHH she must be a calais
by juneieb April 01, 2013

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holden commodore
The luxury version of certain holdens (usually commodore) full options.
"wow thats nice interior" "are your windows electric?"
"listen dickhead, this is a 'Calais' everything is electric and fully weapon."
by DJ-Y-Try February 18, 2010
The most amazingly random person you could ever meet. A Calai is a rare breed of human that has sick dancing skills and has an affinity for screaming random cat related phrases when put in to large crowds.
hey dude! LOOK! its a Calai!
by crazycatlady120 November 13, 2010