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the act of shooting up steroids to the point when your muscles literally burst out of your shirt. makes small girls sit on your lap. testicles often drop as a result.
boy: dang he has huge muscles
girl: duh hes obviously caking i mean look at shaniqua sitting on his lap...
by laliah December 19, 2008
1 31
Comes after flirting but before sex. Can involve kissing, necking, fondling, and groping.
I went to the movies, but I missed the whole thing because I was caking in the back of the theater.
by Arek J. July 02, 2005
48 82
(verb) to cake

The act of defacatingon a partner's face and smearing it with a baker's spatula. As opposed to a hot karl, a hot lunch, or a cleavland steamer, which only requires the partner to defacate, caking involves the artful and even spreading of the feces with a baker's spatula.
Mr. Fantana I want you to take a huge dump on me and proceed with the caking. Make sure to use the baker's spatula I got from Sur la Table.
by Thor Heyerdahl March 09, 2006
13 53
The act of giving a girl who is not you girlfriend excessive money or gifts.
Friend - let me get some lunch money man.
Friend2 - No, you would have some money if you didnt cake on all them girls so much.
by Mr Matt K. July 15, 2005
10 53
To study really hard, to the point of being geeky.
We all went out clubbing, but Tom was too busy caking to go with us.
by Vespylou March 29, 2004
4 115