When one has a lot of money
"My friend told me she makes $400 a night at her job, so you know she caking."
by Bklyn Cutie February 05, 2008
Caking is the art of baking a take, putting it somewhere unusual or interesting and taking a photograph.
I just went caking with a victoria sponge. Got some funny looks when I put it in the water to take my picture!
by World Baking Day May 18, 2012
Used to describe either excessive flirting or kissing.
Every day after school when I came down the hall I saw Julie and Todd caking in the same place.
by Jess P. July 24, 2005
To throw game to a girl, or to try to get a number.

Word used in the south.
Look at Jerry trying to cake lisa, and still ain't get the numba.
by Sean P.L. April 25, 2004
When a guys is all up a girls ass, wasting his time, money, and efforts on a girl that is not really into him but only into what he has to offer to her.
Man quit caking that ho she only likes you cause you spend money on her.

I dont hang with him anymore. He's always caking hoes with his lame ass.

I don't know why he's caking her. She keeps giving me the thirsty look.
by tone bone January 21, 2007
goofing off, being silly, klutzy, messing up. Stems from common stereotype in pop culture of people failing at baking cakes, falling into them and destroying them, and/or cake ending up in the wrong person's face in silly food fights.
"If Jimmy and Mark hadn't been caking around the whole time we might have actually gotten something done."
by quinnrachet July 17, 2011
To dry hump.

Only extremely attractive people may call it 'caking' though.
Aidan: 'Lizzie, let's do some caking'
by analcaking August 16, 2012
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