A hustler; a rich guy
Carlos: Damn, look at that cakeboss! I bet he gets a lot of pussy.
by achmed achmadinijad October 29, 2009
Top Definition
The girl with best cakes (ass) in the vicinity.
"Damn dude, that chick bomb doe."
"Yeah, she's definitely the cake boss."
by Kobe24DOE May 28, 2012
A person who flirts romantically on a daily basis. Or a person that shows P.D.A - public display of affection. Also a cake boss can be someone that uses pick up lines alot. also when you see a cake boss let them know that you notice them by saying: bew bew bew bew.
will: dude did you hear blakelys getting married!
me: damn dudes an cake boss!
by dj new age November 23, 2011
a cake-making reality show on TLC filmed at Carlos bakery in hoboken, new jersey that is essentially a lower-class version of food network's Ace of Cakes. the show plays up the jersey accents and attitudes of the people on it in order to create ridiculous and unnecessary drama that caters to its audience that also watches the hills and the real world.
ace of cakes - class and originality = cake boss
by stickabutta September 01, 2010
It's a really great show on TLC, it's when "Ace of Cakes" meets "Jersey Shore".
Jimmy - "Did you see Cake Boss the other day?"

Mikey - "Yeah, the Big Wedding Cake was amazing!"

Jimmy - "I know right?!"
by Bill the Patgoat January 08, 2011
When during sex a guy pulls out and surprise cums on his partner's face while smearing it around, as if frosting a cake, the yells "Hoboken style baby!"
I gave my girl a cake boss last night and now she won't talk to me.
by kklathro June 14, 2016
A girl who covers up large pockets of blemishes on the cheek and forehead area with copious amounts of make-up.
The one girl was a cake boss with all that make-up on.
by Dixie Normousss January 18, 2011
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