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Cool Ass Kids Entertainment
A. See those guys there.

B. Yea?

A. Those guys... provide C.A.K.E.
by Moses! June 26, 2011
adjective: describing a girls beautiful ass, a perfect peach.
1.Dam look at that girl's cakes!

2. I would love to tap that cakes!
by Jazzy Cakes February 22, 2013
Anything you love, everyone loves cake!
Dude! It was pure cake!
by The Spacer January 26, 2012
A) Short for "Piece of Cake"

B)Easy, simple, sweet
Friend 1: I'm not sure if I got the job yet, still have the interview and then the ride along.

Friend 2: Dude, I heard once you pass the interview process the rest is cake.
by TurnJacson September 23, 2011
A lie
The cake is a mother fucking lie!
by EdgeworthFucker July 01, 2011
The act of flirting or macking on a person of the opposite sex, in an effort to enter into a cake zone.
Aaron: "Man, Hope was hitting on you today."
Dylan: "Yeah, she has a tendency to cake on me."
by Snowman92 March 08, 2011
Cake is sex.
Dude, let's hm have his cake.
by bigboy48 December 04, 2010