Coccain;an addictive drug
what else do you want me to say? :S
by da_preach August 23, 2003
Any form of alcoholic beverages.
Can be used as noun or verb.
Lets get some cake.( lets get some alcohol). I'm so caked. ( I'm so drunk). Lets go on a cake run. ( lets go on a beer run) .
by rhomb August 05, 2006
To gas some brods head up.. make her feel like u love her when u dont
"you know i love you girl, you the only one in my life"
(caking) ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Your boy: why you cake brod like that
You: i was desperate for some pussy
by Silence The Lord April 14, 2004
A special delicacy given to friends in prison.
i baked a metal file into my cake to break out my homeboy Rick

we roll in the hood nigga
by Badonkadonk October 16, 2006
East coast slang for rich people--instead of eating bread, they eat cake.
Yeah we don't really go there anymore, it's on the cake side of town.
by mcmahon April 28, 2007
to describe someone really ugly but cool but not really
man, that dude is cake wow he is too caky for me
by funnybutteminem December 20, 2005
An oversized drug in the form of a pill, often the size of a birthday cake. This was believed to be a real drug by many British celebrities on the comedy series 'Brasseye' created by Chris Morris.
Note: it is not a real drug
One young girl threw up her pelvis as a result of taking 'Cake'
by mike,geoff&paddy May 11, 2005

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