a suffix added to any adjective to make it cute or give it more style; its swagga is analogous to that of the prefix lol- added to any noun, as in lolcats or loltrain.
person 1: Hey, you wanna hang out tomorrow?
person 2: Sure, what time?
person 1: Iunno, how 'bout noon?
person 2: Nah, I got work 'til 3. How 'bout 3:30?
person 1: Fine by me.
person 2: Settledcakes.

person 1: Yo, check out my phat new beats! What do you think?
person 2: Wow, they sound greatcakes!
by flippinflyguy May 20, 2009
bjork forum slang for penis

a baked delicacy that is usually eaten on birthdays
Enjoy Cake

Have some Cake
by gracie August 25, 2005
what girls/woman have between their leg's
Bai, meh wan fah eat this gyal cake
by slam2 February 06, 2003
hot chicks
We better leave this party, man. The ratio of people to cake is diminishing.
by JT Dollar Sign August 30, 2003
A couple that shows affection all the time i.e. hugging and kissing. This phrase is most common in Chicago
After school they always caking it outside.

Anthony and Briana are some cakes.
by Nasiah November 16, 2006
cake is a Gay nigga
nigga you ack like a Cake
by Jessica June 23, 2004
A term used to disribe a beautiful girl, that know doubt takes care of "downstairs"
Hey!, Look at her...some cakes!
by Troy May 03, 2003

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