Acronym for cocaine, acid, ketamine, and ecstasy done together. The most dangerous thing I can think of this side of speedballing.
My roommates were so fucked up the other night - they'd done "cake."

You mean cocaine?

No I mean cocaine and a hell of a lot of other shit. They were so messed up.

by nora420 September 16, 2007
money , paper, doe , cheese
i got that cake , these suckas see me out here flossin' and they hate - lil wyte
by trap clothing August 11, 2007
flabby fat on stomach that extends out and jiggles when one walks.
Whoa look at his cake!
by Smithfield March 01, 2006
the monetary unit used to pay for things like bling, rock, etc.
"I got cake like it's my birthday"
by t'ra February 24, 2005
Awesome; Funky Fresh; super-fly; cool
Just a new word to represent how good something is.
Wow that movie was fresh cake.
by Mark Harvey September 15, 2004
1. The most mintywickedawesome band ever
2. A woman's vagina
I put my face down in the cake, my feet were failing in a lake
by Angie Sanan December 09, 2003
A woman with a large ass.
Yo, you got da cake!

Daaamn, she got a cakey.

She got a little cake going on there.
by JessicaM. May 28, 2012
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