One of the best Bands in Human History.
Oh fuck yeah! I got these tickets to go see Cake!
by Dan788786996546354675432 March 01, 2011
Someone who did something someone else does not appreciate, a rude gesture or a trick.
Jill: Hey wanna a dollar?
Jack: Sure!
Jack tries to grab the dollar but Jill pulls away.
Jill: Haha! Yeah, like I'd give you a dollar.
Jack: That's messed up, you're a cake..
by Mousiee. o_O November 30, 2009
a combination of the drugs

consuming cake will send you in for one hell of a night!
Raver 1- can i hug you?! im rolliiiingggg

Raver 2(cake-in it)- get the fuck away from me you 4 eyed beast of torment!!

Raver 1- :(
by crazy drug kid September 29, 2009
a bastard coated bastard with bastard filling
Tom doesn't need friends because he's a cake
by homastuh August 05, 2009
A fat ass. Literally.
Cakin is the art of having a fat ass or a day when your butt looks positively huge.
Boy1: Dammm man look at that cake!
Boy2: Yea she definitely cakin .
by Preppy. June 02, 2009
Last night we got some cake from my Jamaican homeboy.
by Boo0073 February 04, 2009
Word to express that something is not good, nice, or desirable. (crap in otherwords)
Mate that top of yours is Cake.

this game is Cake.

this song is Cake
by BADD3RS December 30, 2008

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