Is a reference to a spoilt desert dish, normally used as a gag at frat parties. The general act of cake is when one defecates into some unfortunate unsuspecting individuals gateau, laughs mischievously, replaces the top of the gateau and leaves the room.
Said victim, proceeds to scoff the pudding suspecting that gandma has forgotten the appropriate place to empty her colostomy bag.
Said victim - 'Nan, if you keep shitting in my gateau, it's going to a real...'
Nan - 'If you criticize my baking skills again I will shit into your wellington boots, I have never baked a Cake in my life!'
Said victim - 'What is a Cake?'
Nan - 'I don't know look it up on urban dictionary'
Said victim - 'They would never have the balls to put that up'
Nan - 'This is becoming a bit repetitive now, they're just doing their job'
by Iron Balls Billy April 29, 2012
The bromance between Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood
Girl 1 : man i love cake!
Girl 2 : my cake is better than your cake!
by cake888 June 06, 2015
bromance between calum freaking hood and luke frickin hemmings
If you dont ship cake go jump off a bridge.
by fivesosasf April 04, 2015
Like booty or an ass. Usually a very nice one.
Tbh// Cake 😍
by Alyssa_Craigie April 04, 2015
-a mixture of flour, sugar, butter, eggs, milk, baking powder, and a diploma/degree/certificate of some sort. That houses the degree in order to prove it means nothing.
-Kanye West received an Honorary Doctorate from The School of The Art Institute and baked that sucker into a cake.
by lil'_Jimmy March 27, 2015
The source of both immense power and all evil. Only the bravest go cakeless.
I won't bow down to the evils of cake! I'M GOING CAKELESS!!!!
by NotForrestGump June 06, 2013
A) Short for "Piece of Cake"

B)Easy, simple, sweet
Friend 1: I'm not sure if I got the job yet, still have the interview and then the ride along.

Friend 2: Dude, I heard once you pass the interview process the rest is cake.
by TurnJacson September 23, 2011
A lie
The cake is a mother fucking lie!
by EdgeworthFucker July 01, 2011

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