The thing you get if you do not stfu.
Max: "Hey dude, how about a piece of fruit and a chicken breast?"
Peter: "Cake or STFU!"

Sarah: "Trout Lake is such a remarkably beautiful setting, I love it!"
Sandra: "Trout Lake? Cake or STFU!"

Waiter: "Can I get you anything to drink, sir?"
Sir: "Cake or STFU!"
Waiter: "Cake?"
Sir: "Goddammit...I said cake or STFU, YA PUNK!"

Flexbro I: "I stopped doing drugs to give into another passion, alcohol!"
Flexbro II: "So? I stopped doing ya grandma to give into another passion, cake!"
Flexbro I: "Uh?"
Flexbro II: "Well yeah, cake or STFU u friggin' bastid!"
by stokedfish September 24, 2006
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This is a lie! Everything you have been told about the cake is a lie, do not listen.
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
by Zanzibar211 January 02, 2008
A female with a large ass.
"Damn, Shameka gots cakes!"
by OHKRLL October 24, 2004
1. A woman's booty
2. Money, as in what pays the billz
1. Damn! Did you see the cake on that fine mami?
2. I gotta hustle for my cake.
by L Dizzle April 15, 2005
a woman's nicely figured booty, fat, juicy, plump, voluptuous
damnnn that shawty qot a cakeee, she look like she tryna marry betty crocker !
by iitzkaileenbixchhh August 12, 2009
1) A Sweet Pastry
2) Kilo of Cocaine
3) Money
1) Did you see that boy's birthday cake, shit was huge b.

2) Go to the docks and get that cake from them Colombians.

3) Man the only cake you seen was at ya birthday, broke ass chump.
by AC June 06, 2005
a nice ass, perfectly plump
damn, kelsey has massive cakes!
by k mizzle for izzle January 13, 2005
kilo of cocaine.
"did you cut that cake"
by x July 27, 2003

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