The thing you get if you do not stfu.
Max: "Hey dude, how about a piece of fruit and a chicken breast?"
Peter: "Cake or STFU!"

Sarah: "Trout Lake is such a remarkably beautiful setting, I love it!"
Sandra: "Trout Lake? Cake or STFU!"

Waiter: "Can I get you anything to drink, sir?"
Sir: "Cake or STFU!"
Waiter: "Cake?"
Sir: "Goddammit...I said cake or STFU, YA PUNK!"

Flexbro I: "I stopped doing drugs to give into another passion, alcohol!"
Flexbro II: "So? I stopped doing ya grandma to give into another passion, cake!"
Flexbro I: "Uh?"
Flexbro II: "Well yeah, cake or STFU u friggin' bastid!"
by stokedfish September 24, 2006
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This is a lie! Everything you have been told about the cake is a lie, do not listen.
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
The Cake is a Lie
by Zanzibar211 January 02, 2008
A female with a large ass.
"Damn, Shameka gots cakes!"
by OHKRLL October 24, 2004
1. A woman's booty
2. Money, as in what pays the billz
1. Damn! Did you see the cake on that fine mami?
2. I gotta hustle for my cake.
by L Dizzle April 15, 2005
a woman's nicely figured booty, fat, juicy, plump, voluptuous
damnnn that shawty qot a cakeee, she look like she tryna marry betty crocker !
by iitzkaileenbixchhh August 12, 2009
a nice ass, perfectly plump
damn, kelsey has massive cakes!
by k mizzle for izzle January 13, 2005
the bromance between Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood
person: Hey have you heard of that band 5 seconds of summer?
person: I sure have. I'd love a piece of that cake, if you know what I mean.
by 5secsofme January 04, 2013
kilo of cocaine.
"did you cut that cake"
by x July 27, 2003

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