See Acadian.

French people who live in Louisiana, throw great spring break parties, and like their food extra-spicy.
Cajuns are the freak mix of two clashing cultures: French and American hicks.
by Me August 16, 2003
Top Definition
The coolest people in the world that makes the best food i have ever tasted!
Those cajuns are having a party down by the bayou!
by cajchic April 01, 2004
The Cajuns are the descendants of the Acadians, settlers of eastern Canada
who were exiled from their
land in the 1750s, who settled in Louisiana.
Today, thousands of
Acadian-Cajun descendants
cherish their rich legacy of
history and genealogy.
The Cajuns are a very proud people.
by Brian J. August 12, 2005
Cajuns are the coolest people ever. They cook the best kinds of food, (spicy). Me being a cajun myself love it :]
Crawfish, gumbo, mmmmm, mouth is watering :] CAJUNS ROCK!
Cajuns have the best food in the world, & they are very nice & have cute accents :]
by Ginny loves Louisiana February 02, 2009
I ga-ron-tee! My personal family background. Good food.... and thats it. Zydeco is cajun music its hard to like it, haha. The most unfortunate, but hilarious accent to imitate ever! Alcoholics, all of us.
AIYEEEE! Ok Sha! listen up! tell Gaston and Pierre to drag up dem crawfish nets, the hurricaine bes comin up de way! it gonna flip over de pirogue!
by Hassell April 21, 2005
We are as unique as our dialect suggests, we are Cajuns. We are a very small ethnic group that is primarily concentrated in Southern Louisiana. Our ancestors were exiled from Acadie, France by way of genocide (1755-1785)Families were tragically seperated, or killed. Acaidians what are now known widely as Cajuns have a tragic and complex history you should read more about.

The word "Cajun" comes from the French pronunciation of Acadian which is "A-Cad-jin" or "Cajin" which then became "Cajun",
Cajuns are a unique,small ethnic group that have joie de vivre!
by criquette April 24, 2009
An ethnic group mainly living in Louisiana, mostly constituting descendants of Acadian exiles (French-speaking settlers from Acadia, New Brunswick or Nova Scotia, in maritime provinces in Canada). Today, the Cajuns make up a significant portion of south Louisiana's population, and have exerted a great impact on the state's culture.
Boudin's my favorite cajun food.
by Niella J. May 30, 2010
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