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The great one. Responsible for Arranging and maintaining the fastest growing "Superficial" members gallery in the world. King of the one liners!
Wow, Acadia must have alot of time on his hands.

Yeah, but he uses it so well...
by Mrrick October 01, 2005
A pretty, blonde, kind girl who is very athletic and always tells it how it is. Acadias have very blue eyes. Can be awkward but that's what everyone loves about her. She non-intentionally flirts with boys, very innocent. School work isn't always the most important thing to Acadias. Always very creative and loves to draw small designs everywhere. (Acadias like tattoos and drawing on skin) Kisses with her eyes open.
Nerdy boy: Dude that Acadia is super awkward, but that what makes me like her.

Cool boy: Yeah Acadias kinda weird but chill

Acadia: What?
by Bobharlodjack September 06, 2013
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