Caitlin is an Irish derived name for happy or joyous and pure. She is fair skinned and lighter haired; she has the hair color everyone tries to die their hair to look like. She is extremely naturally gifted, and when combined with her will to succeed and make something if herself she is unstoppable, like a landslide sermon motion once she has her mind set. She is the friendliest person you will ever meet who truly cares how you are doing when she asks, and has many dimensions to her personality that make her as compatible as a fox. She has a lot of experience in life even at a young age, and is as people smart as Lincoln and could most definitely keep people together in the midst of a civil war. She should be on her own 5$ bill. She will light up your world and have a huge impact on your life. If you find a caitlin don't ever let her go.
Some coworker: I am having a horrible day and no one will lend me money!
Caitlin: ohmygoodness imnso sorry here I will. ( then a distraction occurs purposely) So have been to Saudi Arabia ornindia? I will tell u they have such an impact on ur life...........( and she finds some way to cheer even the noisiest people up:)
by Sherlocktheallobservant June 25, 2013
A beautiful, trusting, unique, kind and compassionate woman who gets blamed for everything that others think she has done yet has, in actuality done nothing to deserve it. Almost always misunderstood. Has style, grace and beauty, doesn't judge others based on outward appearance and always focuses on finding the good within people. Commonly takes the blame for the mistakes and misgivings of others. Gives great gifts and is spontaneous. Also known as a Snowflake. Also, the only correct spelling. Commonly mistaken for a Kimberly. Often has crazy guys falling in love with her and trying to steal her heart.

See also: Loving, Loyal, Trustworthy, Beautiful
See that girl hiding in the corner? She's just misunderstood but she's definitely a Caitlin!
by Sparky26 September 18, 2011
Caitlin is the irish name for pure.

usually has dark hair and eyes. Always a beautiful face with a captivating smile and laugh. Loyal friend and sister.
Loves to drink and have a good time. Doesnt care much about what people think of her does her own thing no matter what people say :)
look at that girl thats definately a Caitlin
by dirtbike bro March 01, 2011
Is an amazing, out going, mixed personality person who gets along with everyone, she is one who can be trusted with your deepest and darkest secrets, she is always there for you when most needed, caring, kind hearted, strong, sexy, intelligent, generous, honest, has no shame, stunning, great smile, hillarious drunk who falls down stairs and into bins, funny, always makes you laugh even if your down, great worker, not always organised, if she has a set goal she goes for it, she can be judgemental, almost always gets hurt by men, she is strong never backs down from a fight no matter what sex, always brunette with blue eyes, you always have the best conversations with her, She is a wonderful friend and and even better family member everyone needs a caitlin in their life, you will never regret having her as a friend..
Who"s that drunk falling down the stairs?

oh dont worry its just caitlin
by Period_13 November 30, 2011
The correct spelling and Irish meaning of pure.

Caitlin's are usually brunette with gorgeous eyes and extremely beautiful. Always are laughing or smiling. Can be a little strange sometimes but in an amazing way that makes you think, why can't I just let go and act like her.

She's a girl often so amazingly indescribable that no guy will ever deserve her. They say the name Caitlin means that she is often red-headed and dancing in the halls, in addition to being beautiful inside and out. She is classy.

Everyone loves her. She's not selfish and thinks of others constantly. She loves nice people and animals. She's much more mature then her age. She has a beautiful exotic face with a captivating smile and laugh. With model looks, she's the sweetest girl with the cutest personality that you'll ever meet, but usually a little shy and wants the guy to make the first big move. She has the effect of brightening up someone's day (even just by smiling). But when she's not shy she is really loud, really hilarious and really fun to be around. She smells really nice too. Not to mention her sense of humor, her hint of sarcasm.
Guy 1: Look at that girl over there.
Guy 2: Which one?
Guy 1: The one smiling with beautiful brunette hair.
Guy 2: Oh that must be a Caitlin
by joecool204 June 03, 2012
A beautiful girl, usally blonde/dirty blonde and loves to have fun. Really shy once you first meet her but she has an amazing personality. She has a really nice body and is considered one of the cutest girls a school. She is a really nice person but can be a voilent bitch if she has to. She has alot of friends and most guys want her in bed. She loves it when he makes the first move, it makes her feel loved. She loves it when guys call her "Beautiful" or "Sexy" because it really boosts up her confidence.
"Damn that girl is beautiful, who is she?"
"Oh thats just my girl Caitlin"
by wiggea December 15, 2011
A girl who is flawed and hates herself, but loves her amazing friends <3
A girl who loves singing her feelings and is a lot more emotional than everyone knows <3
A girl who acts brash and loud to hide her true feelings <3
A girl who doesn't conform, is weird and outside the box, and sometimes just wishes she was normal <3

Also is usually in love with a Rob.
'Wow, look at that girl with her epic friends!'
'Yeah, that's Caitlin!'
by CatrionaM November 07, 2011
beatrice or one of the best people in the world. usually blonde with green eyes but at times will forget and think they are blue. is a wonderful person who knows how to have a good time and will make you smile no matter what. spelt C-A-I-T-L-I-N if you spell it any other way your definitely retarded. She if your lucky to meet her she'l be one of the most memorable people in her life. Sometimes she is caled beatrice but only by her beatrice .
guy 1" is that caitlin ?"
guy 2 " yeah it is ,isn't she just swell ?"

guy 1 " fuck yes she is "
by gingaturtle August 28, 2010

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