Caitlin is the irish name for pure. A girl that is often so amazing that no guy will ever deserve her. Caitlin's are usually brunette with gorgeous eyes. She is almost always laughing or smiling and is herself no matter what. She is constantly joking around. A Caitlin is extremely different, in a beautiful way.
- "Caitlin is so cute and amazing... I wish she was my girlfriend"

- "ummm....I'm your girlfriend?"
by butterfly2013 July 26, 2011
The Best est Bi Friend Anyone Could Ask For, She Is Overall Just The Best Person In The World With Gorgeous Brown Hair, Beautiful Brown Eyes And A Sexy Smile
Do You See That Girl

She's Such A Caitlin
by fdjsrrtyukyj June 13, 2010
A beautiful and loving daughter who is funny, smart, loyal, generous and one of a kind...Loves to read books and is a whiz at just almost anything. She will have your back when you need her.
Thank you Caitlin for helping me with Algebra
by pettyfan67 January 06, 2015
A person who is an intelligent, talented. Also somewho is caring and kind! She is easy to fall in love with, but difficult to fall out of love with. It's difficult to win her heart because she doesn't fall in love easily, but when you do you will have her forever!! She is confident when she wants to and she avoids to show some of her feelings. She is sexy, beautiful, and will do anythings for her friends
Caitlin is someone you will love to be with.
by Caitlin05 January 02, 2015
A very beautiful young lady who hates most people but to those that she lets in, she is an incredible person. She is also into kinky bondage fasion and hot sexy dreams.
You see that girl over there, she is a real caitlin, your lucky to have her man
by Dr de Groot October 01, 2009
The sexiest girl in the world. Beautiful. Amazing. The prettiest blonde hair and blue eyes in the world. Stunning. One of a kind. The best friend anyone could ever ask for. Puts others first. Caring. She is perfect.
Caitlin is the most amazing person in the world.
by thisyogurl November 11, 2010
A girl who is too beautiful for words. Period
That girl caitlind is the most beautiful thing ive ever seen
by Luckee_13 June 22, 2011
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