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Red-headed with blue eyes. She is shy at first but as soon as you start speaking to her she opens up and sometimes it becomes impossible to shut her up. She's got a cute smile and a weird laugh that everyone loves. Caitlin is very trustworthy and has a lot of friends. Has loads of talents and can always brighten up your day. When she gets angry she can be scary but sometimes she even scares herself she's that out of control. She if smart and witty but sometimes she's not very organised. She gets on with most people. Caitlin doesn't generally except compliments and often denies what you've said. She's self conscience but when it matters most she holds her head up and forgets what everyone else thinks. She is always smiling and laughing so if she's not then you know something is up.
"Is there something up with Caitlin? She's unusually quiet today..."
by goomlover March 27, 2013
9 4
Caitlin a girl that usually has brown hair and is irish and is just an all around amazeing girl and can be commonly found with a guy named Ethan because guys named ethan are usually more awesome than the general population.
caitlin is awesome and hes awesome so there perfectly awesome :)
by derp64 February 19, 2013
1 7
A girl who loves to pee. She always makes pee-related jokes.
Girl 1: "Omg that joke was so funny!"
Caitlin: "I think I just peed a leetle!"
by DELENA April 10, 2012
4 14
A girl with usually blue eyes and brown hair who thinks she is the worst but acts like shes the best. she feels hurt and scared and alone. she hides behind her records and her british shows and all of her other fandoms to keep herself from committing suicide. she wears those bracelets to the scars. she is super nice to everyone and gives everyone a chance because she feels no one should feel as bad as her. she might seem ok or at least ok with her cutting but she isnt.
See that caitlin over there? she's a geek.
by catsssssssssssssssuckkkkkkkkkk March 12, 2013
1 16
A sex addict who loves the strong and satisfying taste of alcohol and would much rather stay at home to read the book of kamusutra rather than go to school/work.
"how would you describe caitlin"
"Sex, drugs and rock and roll. (but not so much the drugs)"
by ilovekamusutra December 30, 2011
9 27
Caitlin is a girl that's skinny as hell, is a major slut, and thinks she's all that and a bag of Funyuns. Eventually, she'll get what's coming to her: a good ol' fist in the face.
Harrington's a fucking slut!

Yeah, I agree, Caitlin is quite the whore.
by CapitolR January 21, 2012
9 32
thers only 1 word for her an evil little b
by cwdCWD December 16, 2011
13 40
usually an ugly ginger munt with pasty skin, looks good in a tiger suit as it compliments her hair. Caitlin is likely to be entered and win competitions for her extreme grottyness and generally tends to be a bit of a bint.
mirror mirror on the wall, who is the muntiest of them all? Caitlin.
by paisleylover2k11 December 05, 2011
10 52