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A children's show featuring an aggressive bald kid who is easily irritated and agitated when things don't go his way.
Caillou made me search for my virginity.
by Pro December 28, 2004
A fucked up kid's show about a spoiled little turd who gets upset when he doesn't get his way.
If Caillou was real, I'd kill him.
by BklynKnight March 06, 2005
The kiddie show on PBS about a boy with cancer and two moms.
Have you seen Caillou? PBS is so edgy.
by Wilford Brimley July 29, 2006
Fucked up French-Canadian show.
watch teletoon to see
by cam May 17, 2004
Caillou is a soiled little shit TV show on PBS, Caillou can't grow hair, not because he has cancer or progeria, but because he sucks, and even his own body recognizes that he does not deserve hair or food or love.Mar 26, 2014
Mom: "Caillou you cannot buy that popcicle"
Caillou: *screams*
by TraphouseCorndog February 16, 2015
someone that isn't great to anyone else but the forever character .
why are you searching caillou's name in the urban dictionary , silly .
by axtrilll June 16, 2016
The term to reference the high version of you. Caillou is an alternate term for "High you," referring to the high version of yourself.
My Caillou is always happy.
My Caillou makes me food.
by GiordanoHimself July 05, 2015
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