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Another word for male slut; Manwhore
Henry is such a cagle! He sleeps with every girl that lets him.
by dashittttttt August 28, 2009
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Lumps of poops atatched to one's anus hair! The Welsh word for Clingons or Clegg
Mate, that guy stinks, bet he's got loads of cagle.
by LEWYSYN LEW February 11, 2009
To make a mess. To spill. To soil yourself
Please don't cagle the dressing on that sandwich.

I passed the ketchup to my 8 year old son during dinner, he opened the top and accidentally cagled it all over his plate.
by your best friends friend January 09, 2010
To be a big fat P cake. Also a guy that bleaches his hair and thinks he is tuff poop.
That fag is sure being a cagle.
by Jeni123 October 18, 2006

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