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A term usually used to insult someone. This person should be fat, stupid, gay, retarded, weird, lazy, and/or awkward to be with. Also could be used to describe someone who is not there for things.
Shut up, Caffin. You would know, but you weren't there!
by Wii7036 January 20, 2009
Caffin is used to describe someone (usually in anime) who are dumb. Most of these anime caffins die.
haha! Okuyama is such a Caffin! (Okuyama is a gay guy from Nodame Cantabile.)
by ha712ph January 21, 2009
A Caffin, or Caffinpop, is commonly referred as someone who is a little bit out of the ordinary. A Caffin does things just for teh lulz. Caffins are known to go across the nation just to prove a point or surprise someone. Caffins are usually fat otaku who fall asleep while watching anime
You are a Caffin, bro. Stop bein' so weird.
by Wii7036 August 13, 2010
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