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In french, Cafe au Lait means, literally, coffee with milk. In the common American slang, the term refers to a person of mixed Black and White heritage.
Ahh, Janet, I see you're pregnant by Tyrone. A little cafe au lait on the way, n'est-ce pas?
#mulatto #mulato baby #quadroon #octoroon #tiger woods
by The Real Jack Jones February 05, 2007
a brownish cream color resembling that of coffee blended with milk(from french for coffee with milk)
The weapon used in the crime had a cafe-au-lait handle.
#cafeaulait #cafe-au lait spots #cafe-au-lay #cafe au lait #racial slur
by Light Joker August 12, 2007
Term describing a person who is of hybrid race, usually a cross between a European and an African negro. The term comes from the French "coffee with milk" to describe the color. Unlike most terms used to describe these people, it is not usually meant in a derogatory way.
Dude 1: Beyonce is a fine cafe au lait chick
Dude 2: Come off it man, that negress wears a fucking wig!
#mulatto #half caste #oreo #night rider #mudshark
by meester p June 22, 2007
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