The shredder
A man you can trust
A guy that will go the extra mile to make sure everyone has a good time
A guy that is known for beating that slampiece between the legs with his hard eight.
A guy that knows no boundaries when drinking and acts like a fool
The most crusty of the crustacious
A solid dude that will fuck your mind with his mental cock of intelligence.
by Crustacious Nigg January 02, 2011
Top Definition
The title of the emperor of the Roman Empire after the fall of the Roman Republic. It was Julius Caesar's adopted nephew, Agustus, that was the first to carry that title. Agustus Caesar was the first true emperor of the Roman Republic.
Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant. (Hail Caesar, those who are about to die salute you.)
A phrase the Roman gladiators said before they did battle in the emperor's presence.
by X-45B23 July 14, 2006
Usually a charmer. Funny and just plain pleasant, Caesar will make your day better by just having him in your presence. He's always honest, and if not, he'll admit the truth later, and have a reason behind what he said. He tries not to hurt anyone, although there are some people he cannot stand. He's generally pretty good at sports, and can sometimes get competitive, but never to the point of being ignorant. If he's your friend, then you are truly blessed. And if he loves you, don't you ever let him go, he's one in a million, you'll never find another quite like him. And if you love him, tell him, he should know, he likes to be aware of things. If you are in love with him, and he is with you, your love could be eternal, keep him close to your heart, no matter what.
Caesar flashed a smile my way and patted me on the head. Little did he know as he descended down the staircase, that no matter what he had said before, I was certainly falling in love with him...
by UntouchableLover March 25, 2011
A badass motherfucker. A guy that will have no problems being your friend but as soon as you fuck with him or any of his friends will punch your fucking face so hard your neck opens up where he will proceed to shit down your neck, turn you around skull fuck your eyes and then call you a nigger
Dude, Caesar is a badass! Just dont fuck with him or he will shit down your neck fuck your eyes and call you a nigger! Nigger!
by The Blackest Nigga Alive January 02, 2011
The act of a man being held down and homosexually raped by a teenager.
As taken from the scene enacted in Spartacus - War of the Damned.

Julius Caesar upon angering the higher ranked teenage boy in charge through his defiance was held down by two big Romans and raped in a 'real' show of power by the boy.
by BrAdAsS April 17, 2013
The name given to the great mythical snow creature who only appears one day a year. Tends to be on a day when winter should be over. Also enjoys wearing capes and Gregs.
Winter ended like a month ago, Caesar is bound to show up any day now.
by Ill Cartographer April 08, 2010
When the rim of a woman's vagina is covered in sand after having sex on the beach. The rim of the sand covered vagina is much like the rim of a flavoured Caesar glass.
I boned this chick on the beach last night and by the end she had a total caesar.
by TaffynSuch October 13, 2009
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