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Not many people know a Cadi. Cadi's are a different breed of women. They have the best of everything and truly know how to get a guy to smile and make his day. Cadi's smile will light up the whole room and make every person just wanna smile back! this girl is fun, loving, crazy, a dork but biggest thing, remember she's a Cadi. She's one of a kind just like her name. She's delicate, beautiful, and knows how to take your breath away! If you're fallin for a Cadi always remember to wink. She loves a good wink and its like the bait on a hook, after that she's yours to reel in. But don't be fool. To win her you'll have hard, long fight ahead of you. You will go a long time before you reel that Cadi in all the way, but once you do, smile, cause you just caught yourself a perfect girl. Her eyes twinkle and her nose crinkles. She's beautiful in and out and it's so easy to love a Cadi. When you catch a Cadi, don't let her go, because they're probably the best girl you will ever meet, that is a bet.
Dang dude that girl is so beautiful and unique; she must be a Cadi.
by titan81 April 23, 2012
Cadillac. Also see caddy
"Yo Steve was slangin' his cadi all over the road."
by Exfiniti February 16, 2005
a french shopping cart
Put your sausage and eggs in my cadi please!
by cadiii December 31, 2008
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