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The Oakland Raiders' new quarterback. He's also the voice of Charizard.
Daunte Culpepper sucked so much that the Raiders released him. So the Raiders signed Cade McNown.

Cade has also played for the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, 49ers, Calgary Stampeders and the Colorado Rapids.

Cade McNown killed Blaziken, Phione, Charizard and Daunte Culpepper.

Cade's best friends are Gengar and Riolu
by BHMMF July 10, 2008
Mewtwo's favorite quarterback, Cade McNown is John F. Kennedy's brother.
Mewtwo chats with his very best friend about Cade McNown.

Mewtwo: Say, Ilya. Who sucks more: Daunte Culpepper or Cade McNown?
Ilya: Culpepper, without a doubt.
Mewtwo: You're absolutely right, Ilya.
by Mewtwo October 07, 2007