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v. to view naked female models working out and subsequently run screaming out the door
I immediately regretted culpeppering as soon as I realized I had, in fact, culpeppered Gisele Bundchen.
by Jeannie March 11, 2003
20 14
Purveyor of fine themed parties; resident of luxurious urban manse.
If you axe me, Culpepper don't smell like a wet dog when he get all rained on.
by Donnie Wahlberg March 11, 2003
9 9
When you go out with some guy friends, and they unexpectedly bring another girl and ignore you in favor of them, that girl is a culpepper
"I was excited to go out to lunch, but my friends hooked up with some culpeppers, and subsequently no one talked to me the whole time I was there."
by SarahtGG November 02, 2009
2 4
v. To touch or caress someone else's woman in a familiar way.
I was talking to Marcus when I culpeppered fly-ass biatch.
by Honky Tonk March 11, 2003
5 11
Quarterback for the Minneosta Vikings of the NFL. Two-time pro bowler.
Culpepper through two touchdowns to Randy Moss yesterday against the Lions.
by gateway_gamer January 03, 2004
18 25
to slowly cook assorted meats in susbtances lacking FDA approval
This chicken tastes like its been culpeppered.
by Emeril March 11, 2003
2 9