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Idiots (usually named something gay like 'Dylan') who type random continuences of letters in an effort to get themselves into something as lame as an Urban Dictionary in a cheap, transparent and poorly worded attempt to snag even a few seconds of the 15 minutes of fame to which they feel deserving.
"Can you believe someone made up the phrase 'Cactiside Omitizomachromiticolus'? What a useless twat."
by ixnay August 04, 2005
The belief that throwning any spicies of cacti at the sun will destroy all electronic masturbatory devices.
Courtney, who was sexually frustrated with her oversized labia along with massive amounts of peyote consumed, began in a anti-masterbation cacti throwing frenzy known as Cactiside Omitizomachromiticolus.
by Dylan Neal December 16, 2003
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