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an inconspicuous way of saying Calm The Fuck Down, derived from the acronym CTFD. It is shorter than saying CTFD and easier to get away with than actually saying Calm the Fuck Down.
Employee: Sorry I'm late…had to stop at the store
Boss: Again?! One more time and you're fired!!
Employee: cat food.
Boss: what was that?
Employee:uhh..nothing, I had to get cat food at the store
by LuLucidream October 08, 2010
Drugs, of smokable nature
Smokin' catfood, tokin' catfood, ready to pap you if we have to
by odawg November 08, 2007
A woman who desires to get married but never does so instead gets a cat. She leads a lonely life and dies alone in her house. Because she has no one in her life, no one notices she is missing from daily life. Her cat begins to starve so it begins to eat her to stay alive.
If my boss doesn't find a man soon she is going to end up cat food.
by Stephen February 15, 2005
Half of a bum's dinner, the other half being a bottle of muscatel.
Joe and Lottie shared a can of cat food for Christmas dinner under the Tenth Street Bridge.
by The Wog Whomper May 11, 2005
A slang word for crack cocaine, also made famous by a song's lyrics, "Smoking cat food."
"Hey im gonnah run by the crib and pick up your catfood."

"You need any catfood?"

"Bout to go to the spot and bake me some cat food."
by bigwillie4200 October 01, 2011
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