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My other antidrug. See dogfood.
I was out of dogfood so i used catfood as my antidrug. MEOW MEOW MEOW!
by Aleu April 27, 2003
9 8
What is left after you eat all of the marshmallows out of Lucky Charms.
"Dude you ate all the marshmallows and left the catfood in my box of Lucky Charms. Not cool dude."
by cegamer2003 April 12, 2009
13 14
Semen. Substance consumed by pussies. High in protein with that salty "from the ocean" flavour.
That chick's cat was hungry for my cat food.
by Stçggs September 24, 2006
13 16
(n) A synonymn for Cocaine, or any other drug that can be snorted up the nose.
"Hey, do you have any Catfood?"

"Yeah, lets feed our cats in the restroom"
by Nolan9402106 November 28, 2006
4 40