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CWAL (kw -ael)

Celebrate With A Line

Whether it's the weekend, your birthday, you just got laid/paid and you have some illicit drugs in your possession then it's time to CWAL. Originated on a sunny bank holiday in may, 3 days off & a load of ketamin, we decided to Celebrate With A Line or two...Messy
MrBoomTing - Yes selector its the fukking bank holiday 3 days off its time to get messy!!

Barry - CWAL?

MrBoomTing - CWAL!
by MrBoomTing July 28, 2011
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2't W.ait A.ny L.onger!
This is what you scream into a PRC-25/-77, or better when you Absolutely, Positively, MUST have it delivered to you, right now!!! Usually refers to Arty', Air Support, Medi-evac, or Ammunition being dropped to you, and your men.
(Transcript of convo):
"...Almighty, Almighty, we are CWAL! We need Arty' Adjust ed Three Mils to the left, raised one Mill up, ore we're gonna' be overrun by the Hadji's! ..."
by Dreaded88 December 30, 2015
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