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An acronym used to denote principles that should guide good scientific research.
- Communalism
- Universalism
- Disinterestedness
- Originality
- Skepticism

Not to be mistaken for kudos which is used as acknowledgement.
The scientists did not follow the principles of CUDOS during the Manhattan Project.
by 101-crew December 16, 2011
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An Australian group buying website. Founded in 2010.

Every day Cudo guarantees a terrific deal in your city. Cudo delivers our members amazing discounts on the things you love – restaurants and bars, hotels, spas, salons, theatre tickets, tours and much more
"Hey I really love your new haircut!"
"Thanks, I bought it from Cudo and saved 95%"
by Lukeeeeeeee March 05, 2012
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Like kudos but better using a "c" as in cool instead of a "k".
to give props!
honor; glory; acclaim, appreciate;
He received cudos from everyone on his excellent performance.
by Dr. Fudgie August 25, 2006
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