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(Chronic Troll Syndrome) is an internet disease (not to be confused with Internet Disease) that is generally present in trolls. It causes the given troll to be unable to tell the difference between internet and IRL limits.

As a result, the troll is no longer able to comprehend what is appropriate to say and do when dealing with IRL people in contrast with the Internets. Symptoms include being inconsiderate and generally asshatty to friends and family, the common offensive use of racial epithets, and a tendency to interfere in other people's business uninvited "for the laughs." This in turn leads to a loss of said friends, associates of minority status and a general alienation of all contacts outside of the Internet.
Chester is always hating on Youtube, he must have CTS.
by 456845397 June 06, 2009
Close To Shit
John: Whoa dude the fart sounded like a CTS.

Chris: I shouldn't have eaten the Mexican my wife cooked last night
by Aussie meat May 30, 2015
Cut the Shit
person 1: dude why didn't you show up to the hockey game last night? you told us to buy your tickets!

person 2: oh my bad man, did nashville win?

person 1: cts, just tell me why you weren't there.
by dodongo56 May 01, 2011
"Can't Troubleshoot Shit"

A helpdesk contractor who is incapable of providing even the smallest amount of help with technical related issues.
"Don't CTS today, I need you to work hard."

"Stop CTSing."
by notCTS August 28, 2012
The compulsive urge to "change the subject" even if a conversation, or activity, hits a critical point. At the same time, can also mean "can't talk seriously". Females are more vulnerable to this disorder than any other beings, because of them being more talkative, having a shorter attention span in many occasions, or both. Such a disorder is quite serious, since it also kills the mood for almost any situation.
Guy: "I love you babes."
Girl: "I lo... OMG is that a sale over there?! Let's go!!!"
Guy: "... Honey, we need to get you to a doctor for CTS..."

Guy1: "Dude that babes is HOT!! I bet banging her would be so awesome!!!"
Guy2: "I don't know dude. She looks like she's got CTS."
by hiddenblades November 11, 2010
Come this Side! If anything hot, especially a hot girl, or even a hot car rolls by, and you strongly approve of or would like to get all up in it.
Damn B, this bar has got a lotta cts up in here.
by hd diddy June 23, 2006
An abbreviation meaning Chuckles to Self. Often used in the place of LOL (laughs out loud) because LOL has become over used.
CTS! That guy is so lame!
by Abnor June 06, 2005
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