CTM, or "Chuckling To Myself" is the new LOL. Typically, one is not laughing "OL" (out loud) when it's typed, so it's been revised for situations with more subtle humor...or less funny jokes.
SD: That crazy landlord came upstairs again! I think he has a drinking problem.


by Summer January 04, 2006
Means "Chuckles to MySelf". often used while texting or playing an online video game. only use this term when "Lol" is just to much.
guy 1: "That's the third time i died trying to kill the orc king!...ugh."
guy 2: "ctms, you suck at this game"
by Ralph Littlefield March 05, 2009
'cry to myself' - the opposite of LOL (laugh out loud)
Oh dear, I missed my bus. I'm going to CTM whilst I wait for the next one because I don't want anyone to know how upset I am about it
by marthvader August 20, 2012
"Chuckling To Myself" A more accurate description of the response to funny messages received or seen on text messages or the internet.

It's not often that people are 'laughing pout loud' when they type lol, usually merely smiling and laughing quietly to themselves.
You're sarcasm is so funny. CTM
by BlueShadows March 27, 2013
Abbreviation of Chicken Tikka Masala
An Indian meal highly popular in the UK.
Sometimes called Murg Tikka Masala or MTM.
The Chicken is spiced and cooked in a Tandoor oven and served with a a rich-tasting sauce.
I'm going to have the old CTM and a few beers tonight!
by ianp5a July 19, 2011
sick and tied of how LOL is over used?
simply use CTM (Chuckles To Myself) insted :)
just saw a granny fall over in the ice CTM
by SPUDN1K December 23, 2010
Crash to Metro. The Windoze 8 variant of ctd, in the win8 case when the program closes you're dropped to the metro start screen (whereas in win7 and earlier you would be returned to the windoze desktop, hence ctd in those versions).
Another ctm, facebook app is total crap.
by bugmenott May 05, 2013
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