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Stands for "Chug the Handle". A drinking game for serious drinkers and not those faint of heart.
Do not play this game if you intend to drive
(even if following the LFD rule
or if you do not intend to get very shacked

You need:
a handle of hard alcohal (1.75L bottle)
& at least two people

the bottle is tilted at a 45 to 90 degree angle
and is held there for as long as you can handle hard alcohal spilling down your throat.

the bottle is then handed back to the opponent and he/she proceeds to beat the number of seconds or amount of liquid previously drank

...theres only one loser

your poor liver
Brandon Vince Matt and Michial proceed to take long 9 second chugs from bottles of smirnoff in a game of CTH.

...onlookers watch in awe at the epic drinking feats they are witness too
by tRLG August 10, 2007
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