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"Can't Stop, Won't Stop"
Title of The Maine's new album
steve: "dude, just got CSWS!"
roger: "nice!, trying to listen later?"
steve: "fershizzle"
by d.a.hiryak September 30, 2008
cock sucking whore, a bitch everyone knows is a whore, she knows she's a whore, her parents know she's a whore, but when anyone calls her a "csw" she doesn't know what the hell your talking about.
chick: spencer, your gf is such a csw
spencer: i love csw's;p
by wrapp me in caution tape plz October 26, 2009
commerciel sex worker
an CSW (commerciel sex worker) works at night
by RickyTK March 12, 2009
Cultural Suburban Warfare;

cswaht cswwwwwww motherfucker

db3 ft. csw

3175 motherfucker

2 generations

formed in dandy

fuck with one fuck with all

check the statz ;]

bzzzzzzzzzzz up
person 1 - ey man db3 ft. csw r here
person 2 - oh shit we outta here
person 3- they already fukd me up once
person 1 - yeah and theyll do it again
by LITTLE BUT LETHAL June 23, 2009