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Statz short for Statistics...When a person gets "Statz" it means something good, they did something they're proud of.
Say you gotta good grade on a math test...U got Statz
If you hook up with a bad chick....U got Statz
#statz #stats #statistics #accumulation #5tatz
by Pi5tol Pete April 20, 2008
a disease of the head, which can cause the afflicted person to become attracted to your girlfriend/boyfriend or someone close to you
"Dude I was hanging with maria the other day and guess who came up?
"Oh my god greg hes such a statz hes got a thing for your girlfriend you know"
"Dude I'm gonna kill him"
#statz #stats #girlfriend #boyfriend #stealer
by Rodrigo Lopez August 01, 2008
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