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California State University San Marcos (Cal State San Marcos) is a mid sized public university in northern San Diego county.

Ten reasons to attend CSUSM:

10. Seaside reef

9. Cardiff

8. San Elijo

7. Swamis

6. D-street

5. Grandview

4. Tamarack

3. Oceanside Pier

2. San Onofre

1. Trestles
"I surfed Lower Trestles this morning before class at CSUSM and it was going off!"
by Holden Howard September 13, 2012
CSUSM is one of the 23 California State University campuses located in North County San Diego. It a a leading institution for Business, Education, and Nursing. CoBA is the College of Business Administration and they basically rule the school. They have MBA and some Doctorate programs now and are opening new programs all the time.
I'm going to Cal State San Marcos, CSUSM, their business program is the best in San Diego.
by OnTheSearch October 27, 2013
AKA "Palomar Extension Community College"

Where big egos meet small brains. It's only reputation is giving people degrees that are worthless and can't be used to get a job. If it's students were smart enough, they would have gone to a REAL school which is competitive and has students that actually want to learn. #1 ranking for The Worse Colllege In all of California
"I don't want to go to a Community College so I'll just spend 3k more for classes at CSUSM so I can cover up how dumb I am."
by TheTruth12 February 14, 2010
CSUSM is otherwise known as California State University San Marcos. It is located in San Marcos CA , 30 miles north of San Diego. It is the nearest State school to SDSU and is generally considered a better provider of education. CSUSM graduates are still not likely to find jobs easily...because they should have gone to a real school. The school only has 7,000 students, and no real frats or dumb ho girls like SDSU. Most students transfer in from nearby Palomar Community College. In fact, many people believe that CSUSM is just a Palomar Extension Campus. They are not far from the truth.
San Marcos College
Cal State San Marcos
San Marcos
by surfpowder October 14, 2006
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