Noun (used as metaphor). Derived from initials of porn compilation "Cum Shot Revue," which is two hours of ejaculations.
1. An amusing and/or obnoxiously excessive display of enthusiasm. 2. A quality derived from or relating to a CSR.
Jennifer says that Disneyland is still the CSR of amusement parks.
by Yammer August 31, 2004
Abbreviation for the notorious San Diego gang.

Create Some Rage.

Is what most go by, other may degrade the group and call them Crack Smoking Rednecks, or Clairemont Square Rats.

Or can be used in the context of stating, "oh that was CSR" as in the sense that it was prime top quality.
"Did you just pack me a bowl?"

"Not any bowl, a CSR bowl dude"

"Oh tats dude, thanks"
by CSR Hallister May 20, 2009
Clairemont Swamp Rats- a group of kids into fun shit and doing stupid stuff.
CSR is F@#$%*^ crazy!!
by feefego January 10, 2008
Short way of saying cockasaurus rex
Yo I was with Henry drinking beers last night and he was so wasted he pulled out his csr
by dick nugget November 25, 2015

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