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:Coffee Shop Rider:-------> {(Cyclist terminology)}

1) A cyclist who bungs along from coffee shop to coffee shop not really doing any K's or anything hard training-wise, but likes to flap their mouth more then push a peddle I.E soft cock

2) A Shunter who roles on a $20,000 bike, don's a Pro kit shave's their legs (possibly arms & nether regions as well) yet has a beer gut.

3) A rider who prefers to roll on flat hot-mix roads as appose to dead roads with hills and better yet mountains.

4) Derogatory remark implying a cyclist lacks any bike skill or physical talent

1) Dude how was woody the other day didn't want to ride any hills what a CSR soft cock.

2) Keep dreaming mate your no Lance Armstrong your a CSR.

3) Holy nutts did you see what that CSR dumbass Jacko did in the race he caused that crash!
by Cowfloppy October 04, 2009

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