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Abbreviation for Constant State of Jizz. Pronunciation: (kh-zog) A metaphysical state of being under which the subject is perpetuated with feelings of constant jizzing/cumming.

Exact origins are unknown. There is statistical proof, however, that CSOJ has a direct correlation with pwnage or pwning.

Early signs of CSOJ can be seen in Arnold Schwarzenegger's eloquent description of cumming day and night.
-Hey bro, this sweet basketball tournie gots me in a csoj.

-Beer+bros+chill vibe*game/Lost/insert fave show= CSOJ

-Bro1: I am watching a Jack Nicholson marathon.

Bro2: Oh, how's it going?

Bro1: I am csoj-ing.

-The Brocleration of Brostitude affirms the pursuit of csoj.
by Andyonis March 31, 2010